TTB: Hard Candy Madonna's Gym

A strong, successful, independent woman. Worldwide, older and new generations respect her as a pop icon. Even for her age, 52, she looks great. Who else could we be talking about? Of course, Madonna.

Today it was the inauguration of the first Hard Candy Fitness (HCF), Madonna's new fitness center. I loved the name Hard Candy since it has the "I'm tough", but "I'm sweet and femenine" feel that some women like. It is also a very "pop" name. It makes me remember the commonly used phrase: "Tough cookie". The logo and image of course target an affluent market with a more sophisticated jet simple concept.

The theory behind Madonna's new gym? I think it is quite clear for what she represents, her admirers and her great physical condition. Choosing Mexico City for her first location? Not quite that clear.

Madonna said she chose Mexico City because of the "energy" she felt from her concerts two years ago in her "Sticky & Sweet tour". Although that could be a valid answer from Madonna who is known to be a mystical girl with her Kabbalah and $10,000 USD water habits, the answer doesn't quite convince me . She also said she admired Mexican culture, its music, architecture, food, and everything-you-should-say-about-the-hosting-country. She also stated that she was not afraid of security for HCF (although you should see the bodyguards she brought for inauguration).

Here is a theory: do you know the guy standing next to Madonna in the picture? You probably don't. That's no pop star, it is Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico City's president who is a possible candidate for Mexican Presidency in 2012. He is from the left wing party PRD, which up until today has internal issues in choosing its national candidate. Do I need to say more? This image is going to be in almost every newspaper in the country, and is infact today a Trending Topic in Twitter. Maybe I should have named this post: Ebrard's 'Candy'-dacy.

The funniest part is that HCF hasn't gathered the entire business permissions to operate at Bosques, that if by Friday December 3rth documentation is not complete it may close up temporarily. Don't worry it won't happen: Carlos Slim was in the after-party and Ebrard seems happy too.

Ebrard, I hope HCF is not your idea of bringing foreign investment to the country, we will need a lot more than that... and if you are having problems taking control of your candy-dacy, just remember HCF's slogan: "Harder is better".

Photo taken from: El Siglo de TorreĆ³n.
One Tough cookie T-shirt photo taken from:

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