Creativity vs innovation (Latin Dogs)

People often ask me what is the difference between creativity and innovation. Basically, innovation is applied creativity in order to get some kind of practical benefit or result among previous offerings. An idea can be creative, but if it doesn't create some form of real value in a new way, then it is not an innovation.

I came up with an example to illustrate the difference...

The Argentinean Doctor Antonio Nores Martinez planned to breed a new dog species that would be the most adequate for hunting native animals such as wild hogs, peccaries and foxes as well as the perfect dog for dogfighting (back in 1930s). The “super dog” would need to be muscular, strong, courageous and tireless, with great endurance and agility for the dense Argentinean vegetation. It had to be able to pick up the scent, follow and capture a pray, also hunting in pack. The dog also had to be an excellent guard dog, being able to differentiate family from strangers. These were the value proposals Dr. Antonio Nores had in mind for his breed. He achieved his goal by breeding the “Old Fighting Dog of Cordoba” which is a stem of Spanish Mastiff, Bull terrier, Bulldog and Boxer, with other Bull terrier, Pyrenean Mastiff and Pointer traits. The “Dogo Argentino” or Argentinean Mastiff is a proud “invention” and innovation for this Latin American country.

As for creativity… well we have other two examples of “dog” breeds:



Fun… but useless. Get the difference between creativity and innovation?

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