How to know if your President is creative?

This past week, as many of you should know, Wikileaks divulged internal documents and messages from US diplomacy that made reference to different world leaders. The one I liked best was the one referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was criticized as “risk averse and rarely creative” in a 2008 message. "Rarely creative"? I think that is the first time I hear someone is "officially" classified as non-creative. You would imagine that for someone to become Chancellor some creativity must be needed. I was worried then to see if our presidents are creative or not. How can you tell?

Of course you can analyze new government reforms, the way a problem is attacked with a different approach, new forms of creating value for the country, and so on. But that is probably a colaborative government appreciation, not a personal matter. Maybe Chancellor Angela Merkel was, as the message states, risk adverse and therefore could be close-minded or square-minded. Or maybe she was just not doing what the US wanted to.

But don't worry Latin America, our presidents have tought us they are really creative... in their own ways. Infact, we should be worried of them being "overly-creative", making up stories, finding ways to "juggle" money and new political tricks.

Take as an example Venezuela's "overly-creative"President Hugo Chavez who released his own music CD called "Canciones de Siempre", with rancheras and folkloric music from Venezuela, sang by...him (who else?), taken out of his radio show "Aló, Presidente." Maybe next CD can be a duet with Ecuador's Rafael Correa who is also known for singing. Creative? YES! Chavez also has great quotes, like in 2006 UN assembly when stepping up to the podium he said "ayer el diablo estuvo aquí, huele a azufre todavía"(the devil was here yesterday, it still smells like sulfur), referring to US president George W. Bush. Creative? YES YES!

For Argentina's Cristina Fernández de Krichner, on Wikileaks documents, US diplomacy puts her "mental health" in doubt. Sometimes creativity comes with madness, right? Lets give her an overly-creative point for that!

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