Just Add Drugs

Want to know the new beverage product trend? Just add drugs!

A company based in Soquel, California US is launching on February 2011 a new line of sodas that contain 5 to 65 milligrams of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis (marijuana). Although other companies have already done marijuana products (and individuals too), the marketing campaign for these products are particularly notorious:
Canna Cola = Coca Cola
Doc Weed = Dr. Pepper,
Sour Diesel = Sprite (lemon-lime)
Grape Ape = Grape flavor
Orange Kush = Orange Crush

They will start to sell the sodas in medical-marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, one of the 15 states in the US where medical marijuana is legal, although without medical purpose is still illegal under federal law.

But here in Latinamerica we are not far behind.

A private Bolivian company with government support has announced the release of “Coco Brynco” a soda containing coca leaves (cocaine). Although these types of leaves are not approved by the UN since 1961, in Bolivia and other Andino regions it is quite usual, especially among natives, and Bolivia is arguing for its approval. The company not only plans to release soda products, but also energy drinks, toothpaste, candy and cakes in the future. The production manager, Johnny Vargas, has said "Our aim is to cover Bolivia and start exporting to neighboring countries" It is said the plant will use 500 pounds of coca leaves per month and will bring benefits to rural communities. (video in spanish)

Let’s see how both of these ventures do on market and the reactions they generate. I would point out especially the fact of marketing these products as common colas (with a branding strategy comparing their products to the big brands) or as "candy flavoured" that can attract youngsters.

For now, lets start searching for medical purposes on heroin for those who soon will upscale marijuana and cocaine. It's a no-brainer way to win loyal clients, right?

PS: And here we are in Mexico in a war against drug cartels!

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