Keep Your Crib Female Friendly

Have you ever considered YouTube or other online video databases to do your brand perception analysis?

My cousin just sent me this video that you might find funny. I thought it illustrates a segmented perception on brands (and this guy's insiders on women). This video should be a matter of marketing study! Not because what the guy says is true (absolutely not), but because he could actually thinks this way!

WARNING This video may include offensive material with sexist and racial comments that neither I or my company support! Why post it then? Just take it as a brand perception or consumer behavior test through YouTube... and the guy is funny. He even gives industrial design pointers to Kool Aid at the end!!

This should be a paid commercial! Maybe it's a good idea for viral marketing...


  1. "You breathin' heavy as hell...I know you're hungy" jajajajajaja
    Freakin gold, that's what this is.

    And yeah, I too believe the kool-aid guys should take the advice from this guy.

  2. "they want to get their drink on but they don't know you well enough to get drunk around you" ...Smirnoff Ice. Should be their slogan!