The Theory Behind "The Theory Behind"

Some friends have already asked me why did I name the blog "the theory behind"? They say it sounds like a conspiracy theory. Maybe it is, actually.

There are a lot of books, articles, posts and research about innovation management, portfolio management, strategy, creativity, entrepreneurship, venture analysis, marketing, design, technology, and other subjects that involve new products, services and processes. Most of them, of course, come from American or European (and some Asian) research and experience.

I believe the theory behind innovation (as well as management itself) changes according to different contexts in the sense that American or European "theory" might not consider "practical" local aspects such as: large informal markets and product imitation, bureaucracy in intellectual property processes, monopolies, corruption, tradition-oriented family businesses, companies used to manufacture not to design, among other factors that are not uncommon in Latin America and other developing regions.

Practicing theory, although needed, sometimes seems too far from reality.

I'm not saying the mentioned characteristics are a general scope for all companies and countries in Latin America and neither I'm I stating that the region has a negative context for innovation. We have advantages and disadvantages. For example, many US companies outsource their R&D because laws and restrictions are too tight inside the country. Simply put, the rules of the game are different.

If this blog is for helping in "the Latin innovation experience" then why writing it in English? Developed countries are not exempt of experiencing similar problems as this region and in fact, global market instability has a tendency to become more like the context we are used to in Latin America. The way I've found I can contribute to innovation, being different from what is already researched, is to explain innovation practice in developing countries and trying to connect it to "the theory behind".

I hope it helps. Feel free to comment or ask any questions. Best regards!

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